By 2050

we will collectively have to feed, transport, treat,
accommodate, protect, educate, heat, electrify…

In short, bring into a comfort zone 7.5 billion people grouped in Southern countries with fewer natural resources, less raw materials and less energy consumption. Thus, we must:

Create a smarter world today, in four words: "do better with less" and this mainly thanks to digital.
Bring the solutions that will guarantee southern countries their political sovereignty, their technological independence and their economic prosperity.
Invent a “3rd way” based on an entrepreneurial, social and sustainable vision of technology.

It is to answer these great challenges that we announce today the creation of

«TechForGrowth» Foundation

“TechForGrowth Foundation” is a French foundation whose mission is to promote the use of digital technology to foster human development and economic prosperity in the areas target through the emergence of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and start-ups with a strong social impact around agriculture, education, health, infrastructure and safety, meeting the needs of the “Bottom of the Pyramid” through intelligent, inclusive and participatory solutions.

Publics target

Politicians, NGOs, foundations, international institutions and international donors…

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Our missions

T4GF’s main mission today is to promote and provide to publics and areas targeted, the vision and technological, legal and financial solutions that will help them to define a strategy guaranteeing…

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Our method

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Our strategy

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The positioning

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